Mr. Ibiam Orji as he widely known is a visionary personality, who has no impossibility as an answer, chronic pioneer, who believes that change is possible. Growing up from humble beginning as a fourth generation Christian family and the second son of family of nine children. He defied all odds and graduated from prestigious University of Nigeria Nsukka in 2004 with B.Sc in Computer Science Education and Masters in Educational Media Technology in 2008 from University of Lagos. He had previously graduated from Federal College of Education Technical Akoko in 2001 with NCE in Computer Math’s Education. Ibiam Love Education and research and had desired to spend the rest of his life in Faculty lecturing and impacting knowledge. He has brought his wealth of experience in doing Business as Mission. He got absolved into his desired career field as Information Technology (IT) Department of School of Postgraduate Studies University of Lagos as IT officer in 2008 and Head of IT Livingstone College and Christwealth University in 2010. He have also lectured on part-time basis with Federal College of Education Technical Akoko from 2008-2012 and Christwealth University as well with this period. He also lecture ICT courses with London University External degree programs in Lagos between 2009-2012 and finally worked briefly as lecturer and HOD Multi-Media department SNIIT Polytechnic before moving into privates’ practice in 2012.

      He pioneer Gogonaija online contact search engine for SMEs and several other platform such as, etc. He has help Christians Establish businesses in and outside the country with the aim to generate platform for doing business as mission. One of such business is HYELADI CO LTD Tourism, Trade and Investment Company in Bangkok, Thailand which is connecting Thai and African businesses together and building relationship for witnessing among Thai higher officials interested in doing business in Africa. He desire is to create job for the emergent generation and to empower them to become active players in the business world as entrepreneurs and not just active job seekers within the core area of active missions need in the 10/40 windows. His business interest and successes is a pointer that BAM is an answer.

           Having worked with Student Volunteer Movement 2 from inception as Volunteer, Pioneer and Now full-time National Lead Facilitator, mobilizing the entire Christian community for the fulfillment of Great Commission, he believed that BUSINESS will play active role in motivating and sustaining this vision. Hence is pioneering Businesses As Mission Nigeria. He is a mobilizer and have great ability in networking businesses and entrepreneurs for the fulfillment of great commission. As a visionary figure in BAM Nigeria movement he has visited several BAM projects within Asia Axis and right now connecting practitioners to partner in building a formidable BAM in Africa that will launch our generation actively into the nations.  He is married to Silvia and we are blessed with Bethel and Jubilee.


Mrs. Doris Yaro is an illustrious indigene of Borno State who has been empowering people across the nation for over twenty years. She has been engaged in helping the down‐trodden, breaking the vicious circle of illiteracy and overcoming the diverse religious/tribal segregation that has plagued our nation. She was the recipient of thePresident’s NYSC Honours Award for humanitarian efforts in 1998 during her National Youth service, in faraway Kaduna state. Among her numerous contributions during her service year was the improvement of the quality of life in Rido village, Kaduna, where she mobilized funds and procured necessary materials with which she organized training for women in various skills. She established a cooperative society for the women to ensure the continuation of her work after her departure. Her efforts during her service year sowed the seeds for what later metamorphosed in 1999, into what we now have as Gabasawa Women and Children Empowerment Initiative (GWCI).

GWCI as we have it now is a not‐for‐profit organization dedicated to bringing marginalized and fringe families into the mainstream of society, giving hope to the hopeless and the forgotten. Mrs. Doris Yaro has headed GWCI since her relocation to Lagos after her service year, concentrating a lot of attention on breaking the vicious cycle of poverty among the under privileged women and children in our nation, particularly in the Northern region of Nigeria.
Among the numerous social empowerment schemes being spearheaded by GWCI under the stewardship of Mrs. Yaro is a campaign for Girl-Child Education across the country. She has also taken a strong stance against issues like under-age marriage of girls and the gender segregation that is very prevalent in our society. GWCI currently provides educational support to many girls of all ages from financially incapacitated homes that have the desire to receive a formal education. Mrs. Yaro is also a strong advocate for women participation in politics, and very active in providing for orphans and vulnerable children.

GWCI under Mrs. Yaro has taken a strong stance in providing long-term empowerment for the youth and general public to combat drug abuse. In collaboration with key players including relevant government departments, the media, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOS) with the same objectives, relevant professionals, spiritual leaders, parents associations and institutional leaderships, GWCI has undertaken numerous advocacy programmes, organized seminars, public lectures, symposia, human capacity building trainings and workshops on anti-drug abuse. Some of the projects undertaken by GWCI under Mrs. Yaro in line with these include the Advocacy Campaign on Prevention of Drug and Substance Abuse in Mile 12 from 2009 till date, the Drugs Awareness Campaign which kicked of this year and many other projects that are currently running. Mrs. Doris Yaro has also been actively engaged in combating and creating awareness on HIV/AIDS, Sexual and reproductive health, malaria, T.B and SDIS as well as providing assistance for girls undergoing V.V.F treatment. GWCI under her has collaborated with several organisations and relevant government agencies to tackle these prevalent issues. Mrs. Doris Yaro is a truly iconic woman and her unending passion for socio-economic empowerment of Nigerians is indeed commendable. She continues to be an adamant advocate for peaceful co-existence between the diverse religious and tribal groups across the country. So far, GWCI under her stewardship has reached out to over 2,500 families (Household) and over 7,500 children across the North-Eastern and South-Western regions of Nigeria.

Executive Director, GWCI
Mrs. Doris Yaro


Mr Louis Temitope Razaq (Chairman): Mr Louis’s immense passion for making a positive impact in the Printing industry in Africa led to his converging like-minded individuals who shared in the dream of building a world-class Signage Material services company driven by a quest for excellence through dedicated service and professionalism – thus the birth of Trade Edge Limited, Nigeria’s leading provider of Signage Materials and Equipments.
He finished from Federal Government College, Ogbomosho – (1983 – 1989).
A multi-talented Micro-Biologist of over 40 Years of Age, with a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Ibadan – (1991 – 1996) and 2nd Degree of the same Discipline from the same University – (1998 – 2000), he has immense exposure to the Printing industry at various levels locally and internationally and has attended several professional and management programs such as Lagos Business School and other Executive Short Term Business Courses in China, Brazil, South Africa and India. His keen interest in developing business strategies had led him to hail from the following Career Pursuit;

  • He begins his career from Lagos State Environmental Protection, where he served as a Scientific Officer 3
  • He had also worked in Chi Limited as a Quality Control Officer.
  • It was when he got to Midlands Print Bottling Company that his orientation changed from the perspective of Science to Business inclined perspective because of his interest in Entrepreneurship. He served as Admin Officer and also attends to some other Adhoc Functions of Quality Control in the organisation. He is one of the Pioneer Staff of the organisation.
  • After he had acquired wealth of experience and sufficient knowledge in the business, he went through the path of setting up Spec Digital Print as one of the Board and Management Staff of the organisation where he had served in the portfolio of Admin & Production Manager, directly managing production and admin. Spec Digital is one of the Foremost Indigenous Large Format Outfit in the Signage Industry.
  • In 2007, he proceeded to form a Company called Trade Edge Ventures which eventually upgraded to a Limited Liability Company as Trade Edge Limited, 2 Years after the creation of the Ventures. This was as a result of his experiences and the unshakeable reputation he has earned over time in the Industry especially in the Printing Industry in Nigeria.
  • Trade Edge Limited is a leading Signage Service Provider company specializing in the sales of Print Consumables & Print Equipments such as Galaxy Printer, Challenger Printer, Monogramming Machine e.t.c. and other Special Advisory functions to our customers as part of the service delivery. The following are the main services of Trade Edge Limited amongst others:
  • Prints
  • Printer Sales & Maintenance
  • Sales of Displays items
  • Brand Support Services
  • Consultancy Services
  • Trade Edge is also involved in other special areas such as:
    • Involvement into the Commercial Sector of Power Holding Operations.
    • Generator Sales, Supplies, Repairs & Maintenance.
    • Exportation of Non-Oil Commodities.
    • Involvement in Agricultural Sector i.e. Farmss

    Our Operations are result-oriented and fully adapted to the peculiarities of our Valuable Customers in Nigeria and across West Africa; offering robust, scalable & world-class functionalities to cost-effectively deliver a competitive edge to our customers. We also represent International Brands in Nigeria and West Africa.
    He currently serves as Director (Partnership), Qualmat Global Integrated limited. He is married with two children.

TEL: 234-8037201914


Jim Randall (James Edward Randall, Jr.) was born in Alabama, USA in 1946. Jim holds an earned Doctorate in Leadership and Management from Phoenix University of Theology with 40 plus years of leadership and management experience. Dr. Jim Randall has served the Lord in full time Christian service for 41 years, he has lived in five different countries and ministering in more than 30 countries on four continents. Jim lived in Japan for 14 years where he established a number of ministries and companies(Bible School, International Christian school, a printing/publishing company, an English teaching company and several other ministries and businesses) to support the work there, he also founded and pastored Yokohama Christian Center. Over the years, he has worked in a variety of management positions learning from each experience how to make things work better.

In recent years, Jim has lived in Chiang Mai, Thailand traveling to surrounding countries teaching leadership and management principles and consulting with entrepreneurs who want to accomplish great things. He now works with various international ministries doing Leadership and Management training and consulting. With his experience in missions and the business world, he helps church planters and businessmen start Business As Missions projects that help support their Christian work. He currently resides in Chiang Mai, Thailand and has also authored several booklets on Leadership and Management principles that will work in business as well as ministry. Jim’s mission in life is to help others succeed.

Dr. Jim Randall
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Skype: jim.randall7


PROFILE: Muyiwa Bamgbose has almost 40 years’ experience in Management and Project Planning. After his Bachelor degree in Biochemistry in 1976, he went on to study Agro-Industrial Project Planning at the Bradford University in the United Kingdom in 1979. He returned to the University of Ibadan to study MBA, which he completed in 1985. He started his working career in Olaogun Enterprises Ltd in 1978 and rose to the position of Managing Director in 1989 when he left to start Comtek Nigeria Limited. Comtek was involved in several contracting operations before veering into manufacturing. He has designed and implemented several Projects in Waste Recycling incorporating various separation and refining techniques. He has extensive experience with different kinds of furnaces and fuel sources. He is also involved in mining and material conversions.

Today, Muyiwa is involved in giving strategic direction to Educational Advancement Centre, directing the affairs of Cedarhaus Realtors, a real Estate development Company, leading School-on-Air initiatives and presiding over Renewed Thinking Ministry. He is a Trustee Pastor of the Vine Branch Ministries where he was ordained in 1994 and the President of Christian Theological Seminary which is affiliated to Olabisi Onabanjo University (formerly Ogun State University). He lectures occasionally in the University of Ibadan on Entrepreneurship and is on the faculty of the newly approved Business School of University of Ibadan. Muyiwa is an alumnus of the Haggai Institute, a Faculty member on the Subject of Christian Leadership and currently the Chairman of the Oyo State Alumni Association.

EDUCATION: Training the Trainers JCI Montreal 1984, University of Ibadan MBA 1984 University of Bradford PG, Agro-Industrial Projects Planning and Appraisal, 1979 University of Ibadan B.Sc, Biochemistry, 1976

RELEVANT EXPERIENCE: Owner and Director at Educational Advancement Centre July 1996 – Todate. The School runs Advanced Level GCE program and are also involved in research into basic things like Biofuel, Waste to fuel. The School is working on going into Tertiary education.

President at: School-on-Air January 2013 – Present (2 years 4 months) School-on-Air produces and broadcasts School lessons to students in the continent of Africa from Intelsat 20 Satellite 1 recommendation available upon request

Initiator and Chairman at: Cedarhaus Realtors Ltd October 2012 – Todate. Cedarhaus Realtors builds dream houses to offer subscribers an environment similar to what they enjoy in the corporate office! Vice Chairman at Comtek Nigeria Limited January 1992 – 2014. Recycling scrap auto-batteries into Lead and also operating a Galena Mine

National President, Nigeria Junior Chamber International January 1988 – December 1988 (1 year)


ABOUT CHRISTIAN WOGU Christian Wogu is an author, a lawyer and also a presidential aspirant. He is determined to give Nigeria a strong national economy and a pride of place among world renowned nations. He is a business ownership coach and a leading corporate systems development consultant in Africa. His clients include governments, corporations, armed forces, religious bodies, the Media, financial institutions, educational institutions and cooperative societies. Wogu seats on the board of several companies and chairs some. His reputation precedes him. He specializes in unlocking the huge potentials in people. Many organizations, intent on staying on top of inter-corporate business gambits, leverage his expertise. He is a regular television guest and a well-sought after speaker in conventions and conferences. Wogu’s ideals are regularly captured in his books, campaigns, sermons and seminars.

To those who have accessed the timeless wisdom of his book, MULTIMILLIONAIRE Mindset, a “Yes I can” mentality has evolved. No longer would destinies and prospects be truncated. No longer would thoughts and pronouncements border on negativity. We hereby recommend this consummate leader to your good selves in the hope that Nigeria’s vast disillusioned human capital would re-awaken to possibilities imbued in the national economic firmament. Consequently, we urge you to seize the opportunity of the forthcoming 2019 General Elections to give backing to the visionary aspirations of Christian Wogu as Nigeria’s next president – in his bid to midwife a prosperous Nigeria. The details of Wogu’s manifesto hereof are your use.

  1. SANCTITY OF LIFE“I shall place the highest premium on the life of each Nigerian, whether at home or abroad. Moreover, foreigners in Nigeria or abroad shall be required to accord Nigerians deserving respect.”
  2. INVIOLABILITY OF NIGERIANS“My government shall build a nation where the inviolability of the human person or property shall be held sacrosanct. Structures, systems, processes or acquisitions shall play second to people.”
  3. SOVEREIGNTY OF THE PEOPLE“Election outcomes shall be by the sovereign will of the people. Candidates shall not rely on financial power to pick up nomination forms or tickets or to buy the electorates. Candidates shall not rely on a zoning formula, Party size or godfathers. Democracy is the property of the people and the people must repossess it.”
  4. SECURITY OF LIVES AND OF PROPERTIES“My government would work relentlessly to ensure the security of lives and properties. Kidnappers, ritualists, terrorists and armed robbers cannot continue to hold our nation to ransom.”
  5. STEMMING MIGRATION“Nigerians struggle and die in the deserts and in the oceans in order to migrate. Opportunities
  1. shall be created to make migration less attractive. I shall give Nigerians a much better deal.”
  2. NIGERIANS IN THE DIASPORA“Our people in the Diaspora shall be obliged to return to a prosperous economy where they could further contribute to.”
  3. HUMAN RIGHTS“I dream of a Nigeria where incarceration of a Nigerian would not be by levity. I shall review the case of each Nigerian awaiting trial or has been sentenced with the aim to question the basis for such denial of freedom in view of the sweeping corruption in Nigeria. The same goes for each person that had died in detention, even by a purported execution of a judicial process. Reparations would be made where deserving.”
  4. AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE“Lives of many Nigerians are lost, daily, to insensitive healthcare. Nigerians deserve a responsive healthcare and that I shall be committed to. I am strongly of the view that the same attention given to secure our airports and more should be given to efficient and affordable healthcare delivery for every Nigerian.”
  5. ENERGY DEVELOPMENT“My government shall challenge Nigerians to solve energy, refining and power challenges. I shall give our Engineers the opportunity, with large rooms to fail, in order to ultimately succeed. Failing, is the bedrock for research and development. National honours or recognitions will reward provision of solutions. List of celebrities shall be enlarged to include Agricultural, Science, Technology and Economic breakthroughs.”
    To contact Wogu directly, call 08033074390; 08184381698
    Google: ‘Shechinah Business School.’
    Youtube: ‘Shechinah Business School’
  1. TRAINING, COURSES AND SEMINARSChristian Wogu has created numerous programmes that have been organised with Nigeria and abroad and with many more coming up.

Thank you.


Called of God for the establishment, growth and expansion of His Kingdom, KC George has served in various capacities in the Body of Christ since his student days in the Christian Union, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He is used of God in crusades, outreaches, conventions and seminars for churches, ministries, fellowships and campus groups here and abroad. Consequently, several lives have been positively impacted and transformed by the Lord through the WORD and the HOLY SPIRIT – the foundations of his ministry.
With an Engineering degree from the University of Nigeria, his professional background is in Construction with competencies in Infrastructure, Real Estate Development and Project Management. He has participated in several high profile international infrastructure development fora as well as trade missions to the USA, Germany and South Africa.

A member of such distinguished bilateral chambers of commerce as the Nigerian-American Chamber of Commerce and Nigeria-British Chamber of Commerce, he also serves on the International Board of Directors of Global Business Roundtable, a Business, Professional, Social and Spiritual development organization with presence in over 55 nations across Africa, Europe and North America with membership drawn from the Public and Private sectors as well as the Political, Civil and Religious class. Accordingly, he is a key speaker on leadership, business and entrepreneurship in international conferences both within and outside the shores of Nigeria.
By grace and divine design, he presently pastors Assemblies of God Surulere Youth Church (aka AG Leaders Domain) – further proof of his divine ministry to the Youth of this generation much as he once served as Assemblies of God Apapa District Youth President.
God has blessed him with a lovely family.


Engr. Oriyomi Aderemi Oladeji has been the General Director of Scripture Union (Nigeria) from January 1st, 2004 till December 31st, 2013. He joined the staff team of the ministry as the pioneer Director of Bible Use and Missions department from January 1994 till December 2003. He had been a volunteer (otherwise called a Pilgrim member in the Union) for almost two decades (1978 till December 1993). A graduate of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ife, Ife, Nigeria (now Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife) – 1983, and the Nigerian Evangelical Missionary Institute, Jos, Nigeria (the Institute is owned by Nigeria Evangelical Missionary Association) – 1995. Oladeji also attended the Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology, Kenya (now Africa International University, Nairobi, Kenya) where he obtained Master of Arts in Missions (2002) and is an alumnus of the Haggai Advanced Leadership Institute, Singapore.

Oladeji has been consistent in Christian faith since 1978 when he received Christ as Saviour and Lord at the Ibadan Polytechnic, Nigeria. He had been the National Treasurer of Nigeria Evangelical Missionary Association (NEMA). He is the Chairman of the National Board of Student Evangelical Missions (SEM) a Nigeria version of Students Volunteer Movement (SVM 2). He is deeply involved in developing and reproducing leaders for Christian ministries. He is happily married to Rev. (Mrs) Adenike Oladeji with children. They live at Osogbo in Osun State of Nigeria. With his wife as co-author, Oladeji wrote the book, Leadership Development.


Well-rounded and grounded in ICT, Professional Services, B2C, B2B, Project and Programme Management delivery to Global Proportions. Experience in portal development, e-services solutions, risk management, process improvement, team building and appointment.


Seasoned ICT and Managed Services executive, with a proven track record in Project and Programme Management to global proportions. Excellent delivery credentials, a broad knowledge of leading technologies, with first-class engagement, problem and risk management skills. Sharp-end experience in change management, best practice adoption and process improvement while identifying capability improvements to business challenges.

Key Achievements

  1. Initiate e-Government solution with NeGST initiative
  2. Initiate school portal solution in Nigeria in collaboration with some ICT organization and Banks
  3. Implemented a global, single sign-on system and Internet banking solution for a bank to reduce systems admin overhead

Areas of Expertise

  • Providing Project Management Consultancy experience in a wide range of organizations from state government to Local Government.
  • Improving business culture within Professional Services to encapsulate the energy and methodology required to take business to next level in new markets.
  • Building and expanding Professional Services organization, including the promotion of best practice adoption while increasing capability.
  • Effective business analysis, with a flair for creative problem resolutions.


  • Defined analysis and restructuring of corporate strategy
  • Leading and managing a record achieving enterprise-level ICT business infrastructure portfolio, strategy for e-payment and revenue collection of a state Government


  • International speaker, Leadership and life coach, Teacher and Entrepreneur.
  • Team builder, with a reputation for individual development, mentoring and positive team dynamics.
  • Relationship Management – In-depth experience in developing and maintaining long-standing client relationships to senior levels
  • Client facing – translation of business needs into technology and process development within in-sourced and outsourced environments.
  • Trusted advisor to Public and Private sector organizations on strategic direction to meet process and business challenges through performance improvements.


  • Managing and advising upon cross-cutting technology enabled projects within complex environments to senior levels
  • Confronting large, often complex issues by dealing with ambiguity and challenging the status quo
  • Commercial and contractual experience, regularly involved in client and third party supplier business analysis and negotiations in B2B, B2C and e-Business projects.
  • Recognized facilitator – of complex organisational change projects, e-business solutions and others in both business and cultural arenas

April 2005 to Present Managing Director, Feghas Solution Ltd, Lagos

  • Managing World Bank (step-B) project for Federal College of Education, Abeokuta
  • Managing Edu portal solution for Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges and other institutions
  • Managing School portal solution for primary and secondary schools
  • Currently undertaking a study of the market, targeting opportunities and reviving networks in the business community.
  • Managing e-Business solution for corporate organization
  • Managing e-government solution for state government and some federal parastatals

May 2003 to April 2006 Global Payment Solution Ltd –Head Business Development

Reporting directly to the Managing Director on a large and complex public sector Business Transformation Programme. Assisted in the foundation of the Programme Management Office (PMO), to coordinate and lead technical and commercial project delivery and take responsibility for project expenditure. Recruited additional project staff and introduced a common project and programme management methodology and standardized budgetary control, risk management, resource allocation and reporting.

  • Improving business culture within Professional Services to encapsulate the energy and methodology required taking clients to greater level in new markets.
  • Implementation of process and procedure while embedding structured methodologies within worldwide Professional Services teams.
  • Planning, resource allocation, commercial P&L responsibilities and relationship management
  • Business development through strategic partnerships
  • Promoting ownership within Professional Services of solution support and project / programme responsibilities

November 2000 to May 2003 Head e-Business Unit, City Express Bank Plc (Now Member of UBA Groups)

  • Developed e-products for the bank and also worked with a number of clients, to customized e-product according to their request.
  • Undertaking sensitive operational reviews, aligning project and programme management services to business strategies and assisting in programme organisational development to build and implement secure global networking environments
  • Directed the mapping and analysis of e-business processes, IT and data systems, developing current and proposed e-business architectures
  • Initiated e-Portal solution for Public private partnership which included e-NYSc posting, e-Military school (Primary & Secondary)
  • Managed the bank’s Internet, Telephone and Mobile Banking solution
  • Developed and managed the bank dynamic website which integrated with clients VPN and secured networked.
  • Introduced and implemented company wide email and secure network.

February 1997- November 2000 System Administrator, Tropical Commercial Bank Plc (Now Unity Bank Plc)

  • Full lifecycle, programme portfolio including, but not exclusively re-organization and development of business systems / services infrastructures, including WAN, LAN and network security to GSI standards, to support strategic business challenges and shared services initiatives across bank network.
  • Implemented and coordinated all branches with FutureBank solution.
  • Training of staff on FutureBank solution
  • Weekly and monthly reports generation to the head office.

November 1996 to February 1997 EDP Manager, El-Zufa Computer, Kano

  • Training on computer usage
  • Deployment of LAN and systems
  • System management

November 1995 to February 1997 Nigeria Christian Corpers’ Fellowship, Kano

  • Managing the affairs of local charitable organizations as the president of Nigeria Christian Corper Fellowship (NCCF), Kano chapter state-wide
  • Established a primary school in collaboration with the fellowship for taking care of the less privileges. The school has now grown into secondary school produces students who are now in the Universities.

Educational Background

  • Lagos Business School, Pan-Africa University, Lagos OMP (2012)
  • MBA (Management) Ambrose Alli University (2000)
  • B.Sc. (Computer Science) University of Ibadan (1995)


  • Record and Information Management Awareness workshop, Awards & Exposition, (Oct. 2007)
  • Advancing the dynamics of ICT policy Engineering for e-government, (Sept. 2009)
  • Basic and Advance leadership training – Daystar Leadership Academy (2009)
  • ICT for development: Creating wealth from the bottom of the pyramid (Sept. 2010)
  • Educational Portal deployment and Management (May, 2011)
  • Mobile Payment agency and implementation, (Oct. 2011)
  • Global Leadership summit – Online (Aug, 2015)

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